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Science of Happiness at work Facilitators

Motivational Speakers Gauteng

Expert Motivational Speakers Gauteng – Transform Your Audiences  with T.I.M.E. Transformational – Inspiring – Motivating & Enlightening BEyond Motivational Speakers: Tony Dovale Inspiring South African BEyond Inspiration   Want best Motivational Speakers in Gauteng or Top Inspiring Speakers & Keynotes from Johannesburg? BEyond Motivational Speaker…Tony Dovale delivers cage-rattling, MindShifting, limit-challenging enlightening and inspiring keynotes presentations. […]

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The Science of Happiness at Work Consultants

Happiness at Work Absenteeism

How to use the Science of Happiness at Work TM   and other smart strategies to reduce Your Workplace Absenteeism. Does  a Happy Mindset improve employee productivity & morale?   Does your organisation have a positive motto or Vision  that it lives up to… that empowers, supports and energises your staff? Or does your vision and mission REALLY only […]

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Keynote Talks – Happy at Work

Keynote Speakers – Happiness at Work   Happiness at work pays… more   1 Minute Wisdom…Why Happiness at Work matters This powerful research by iOpener Institute UK has found (when comparing the un-happiest and happiest people at work) if you are really happy you: Are 180% more energised Are 155% happier in your job Are 108% […]

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1 Minute Wisdom for better Presentations

PresentationShift – 1 Minute Wisdom for Better Business Presentations   Here are some thoughts on the delivering better presentations and public keynote talks 1. Relevance – Researched well – audience and materials. 2. Realness / Authenticity, Humour, Stories 3. Remarkable – Grab attention, Energetic, Engaging, Enjoyable Think, Decide and take action today.. Namaste’   Tony […]

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team idea

Employee Engagement

CultureShift Employee Engagement… Using South African Motivational Speakers and business coaches to transform workplace engagement in todays competitive business environment is vital.  Building Emotional Engagement and improving staff performance is a leadership dimension that must be managed consciously and not left to chance. Engagement is the sypmtom and consequence of  your workplace culture, which is dependent upon […]

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REAL Team Building

TeamShift Team Building Ideas Gauteng   Corporate Team Building activities are critical to optimising Trust Levels, Teamwork & Open Communications Building teamwork, effective leadership, clarifying team values, rules of agreement, role and responsibility clarity, Clear Vision or Destiny, Cause and Calling to guide daily team activities for the greater good of all stake holders. Related Blogs […]

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Tony Dovale

Keynote Motivational Speakers  Tony Dovale – Facilitator – Speaker  – Author  – Coach – Transformation Catalyst BEyond Motivational Speaking & Keynotes in Johannesburg Gauteng “One of the most thought provoking professional business /keynote speakers I have encountered” – Clive Stacey – Business Strategist – Keynote Speakers Motivational Inspirational & Transformational – Business Speakers on Leadership, Resilience, teamwork, Conflict […]

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