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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers Inspiring you   Looking for top South African conference speakers…or a Public speakers bureau to find Inspiring Speakers in Gauteng Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town?  Going BEyond motivation and corporate team building needs and offering far more than inspirational stories or motivational quotes? Inspiration requires more than professional communications skills and effective presentations skills. Keynote Speakers and […]


Presentation Skills Workshops

Business Presentations Skills Training & Trainers Executives can now take a Professional Communications and Business Presentation Skills Workshops Courses & Training to learn how to improve your presentation skills (Powerpoint) and public speaking. We facilitate business presentation training  skills seminars courses  and speakers coaching for Managers to benefit from advanced presentation skills for effective Communication. Most Presentation […]


Employee Engagement

CultureShift Employee Engagement… Using South African Motivational Speakers and business coaches to transform workplace engagement in todays competitive business environment is vital.  Building Emotional Engagement and improving staff performance is a leadership dimension that must be managed consciously and not left to chance. Engagement is the sypmtom and consequence of  your workplace culture, which is dependent upon […]


Appreciative Inquiry Events

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators & events… AI – Appreciative Inquiry & Business Strategy Coaching Overview Appreciative Inquiry…“ . . . it is through language that we create the world, because it’s nothing until we describe it.  And when we describe it, we create distinctions that govern our actions.  To put it another way, we do not describe […]


Motivational Speakers Benefits

Why choose to have a Business or Motivational Speaker @your event?   Events Cost Money, Time, Focus, and effort…lots of each…  So you need to make the most of the opportunity for building your credibility, brand, and positive associations. By choosing to have a professional expert speaker at your event you show that you are […]


Business Training Workshops

Business & Management Training Workshops… We provide custom designed management training and staff development workshops. These include TimeShift – Time Management TeamShift – Team Building LifeShift – Personal Transformation LeaderShift – Leadership Workshops WealthShift – Personal Finance & Wealth Building MindShift – Mind Power Workshops/ Resilience / Decision Making & Thinking styles HealthShift – Healthy […]


Executive Coaches

 BehaviorShiftExecutive Coaching… Science of Happiness at Work TM Consultants provide insights, productivty improvement and cultureShift. In the knowledge economy… it’s a positive attitude, talent  utilization,  and appreciative action that give organizations their competitive edge. New Science of 21st Century Professional Coaching shows Changing behaviour = Changing results… We deliver better business coaching results through the use of […]


Keynote Talks – Happy at Work

Keynote Speakers Gauteng – Happiness at Work   Happiness at work pays… more   1 Minute Wisdom…Why Happiness at Work matters This powerful research by iOpener Institute UK has found (when comparing the un-happiest and happiest people at work) if you are really happy you: Are 180% more energised Are 155% happier in your job Are […]


Executive Coaching

LeaderShift Executive Coaching   …We provide business coaches for Effective Behavioral Leadership / Executive coaching…. a valuable and powerful tool in truely  transforming your approach, leadership effectiveness and results. Business Leadership and Executive Coaching offers the most effective ROI of all personal development interventions. Our executive coaching goal is to help clients achieve emotional and […]


Happiness at Work Absenteeism

How to use the Science of Happiness at Work TM   and other smart strategies to reduce Your Workplace Absenteeism. Does a Happy Mindset improve employee productivity & morale? Does your organisation have a positive motto or Vision  that it lives up to… that empowers, supports and energises your staff? Or does your vision and mission REALLY only serve […]


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