Your Opportunity for Sponsoring a Showcase Charity Event

We are planning a Speaker Showcase for 200pax tentative booked date 3rd September 2018.

Venue: Auto & General Theatre on the Square
Time: 6pm – 9pm
A showcase for all new emerging and existing expert South African Talent.

Event Budget

Theatre Hire  R8000 + VAT =R9200
 Program Print R3500 
 Dinner Bag (Branded) x215 R9000 food inc branded bag
 Videographer R1000
 Social Media Ad R2500
 Event Branding R2000
 Water Branding R2000
Total R27 000
@R30 000 Sponsorship R3000 for Charity


Return on Investment: to Client

Sponsor package investment R30,000

Package value R140 000

1.Speakers Motivational web page branding

  1. Event branding
  2. Meet & Greet
  3. Event opening
  4. Social Media exposure Campaign
  5. Program branding
  6. Six Free Expert Talks to the value of R100 000
  7. Dinner bag branding
  8. Attendee database share
  9. Tax deductible NGO donation
  10. Branded Water
  11. Sponsor promotional newsletter
  12. 20 Free tickets
  13. Free Promotional Video with Branding of the Event


 Your input and collaboration is vital to us taking the next step and we look forward to hearing from you soon. (Marlene) 084 689 4241