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Tony Matos

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Safety Culture and Leadership

 What is a safety culture and a safety climate

 The 8 Influencing factors to a safety and Leadership culture

 Leadership and Culture in the new world o Scarf Change model

 Seven steps to improving Safety Performance

 Historical Review – Speed dating session

 Establishing the current status of a Safety Culture o Group exercise in identifying top 5 most pressing issues

Safety Management Systems

 Safety Management Systems and Safety Culture Factors o Group discussion on cause and effect

 Essential Safety Management System Components o The 14 components of SMS

 How to develop and sustain the SMS

 Why Safety Management Systems Fail

 The 8 Benefits of an Effective Safety Management System

HSE Model for Safety Culture

 The 8 Safety Cultural Factors

 Identifying Problem areas o Establishing real current problem areas using HCD problem solving model to separate perception from reality

 Dependent, Independent and Interdependent Cultures o Advantages, disadvantages and how to make them work for you

 Planning for Change o Prosci-ADKAR – 3 Phase process

 Cultural Change Model o Understanding change and transition o Fisher’s Transition model

 How and When to Intervene o G.R.O.W – coaching model

 Key Performance Indicators o Types of indicators and what they tell you

 Success Factors and Barriers o Group discussion and planning of measures

 Attitude Questionnaires o How to design and develop the questionnaire

Behavioural Safety

 Safety Culture and Behavioural Safety o Herzberg two factor theory

 Negative and Positive Dimensions o McGregor X & Y Theory

 ABC Analysis (antecedents, behaviour and consequences) o ABC chart and analysis

 What drives behaviour?

o Understanding human behaviour and social preferences

o Myers Briggs self-assessment

 Understanding the VUCA world

o VUCA model

 Natural Penalties and Consequences o Reference to RSA Labour law guide


To include:

 Workbooks  Printing  Facilitator  Customisation of content

To exclude:

 Venue, Meals and refreshments
 Projector & screen
 Travel outside Gauteng Province

The costing is based on up to 15 delegates attending

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