Vinesh Maharaj

Vinesh Maharaj

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The Yang of Sales – Vinesh

Vinesh Maharaj is a dynamic, respected public speaker, trainer, radio personality, NLP Sales & Business Coach who has assisted both corporates and individuals to pursue their most ambitious sales targets with great success.

Vinesh has worked with companies like, Liberty Life, BMW, WiruLink and Shanduka Black Umbrellas to name a few.

Vinesh is a leading sought-after sales trainer who has worked across industries, call centres, sales teams, management teams and leadership teams. Although not limited to, he has done significant work in the health, financial services and entrepreneurship sectors. What is clearly evident is that those who take and apply the teachings break through to abundant success.

Vinesh is the Ultimate Sales Coach. He specializes in getting salespeople to take action, improve all conversion rates and obliterate sales targets with his no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to fearless selling.

Vinesh Maharaj will disrupt thinking, raise self confidence levels and will empower people with the “how-to” skills enabling them to be, do and achieve more.

  • See More Clients
  • Close More Deals
  • Bank More Money

Is Sales an art or a science? Is it persuasion or dominance? Is it about long or short-term relationships? Are you born with it or can it be learned? Come and find your natural path to personal sales Mastery at The YinYang of Sales – BOOTCAMP

Maharaj Vinesh is going to address the hard, practical sales skills you need.

How to align your sales process to your targets.
How to increase your closing rates.
How to handle any objection.
How to sell your way to success.

If you want to get in front of more people and want to optimize your sales meetings, then book now. This dynamic duo is driven only to help you pitch and close more deals.

  • Sales Training
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Boot Camps
  • Sale Management OutSourcing
  • Sales Coaching
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The YinYang of Sales

Assisting salespeople globally to get in front of more qualified prospects, close more deals, and bank more commission and make more sales and profits for your team and organisation!


Sales, is the only thing that pays. The best sales people enjoy the best results across industries, across businesses. If you are tired of rejection. If you are fed up of excuses. If you are done with bad months and want a wickedly inspired, highly active, energized sales learning experience that leaves you equipped to handle every aspect of your sales process, like a champion…then book now.


All sales persons, network marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, sales managers and sales directors, regardless of your product, service or industry.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in Our Expert Sales Training & Coaching Workshops:

1. Develop, articulate and communicate your USP.
2. Master your elevator pitch
3. Learn how to COLD, WARM & HOT call anyone, anytime.
4. Master the art of crafting a fool proof needs analysis.
5. Master POWER questions. The art of words for results.
6. Learn how to PITCH like a pro.
7. Master the CLOSE. How to ask for the business.
8. Learn how to handle ANY objection, anywhere, anytime.
9. Learn how to fill your pipeline, perpetually.
10. Much, much more…

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Dear Vinesh and Stephen.


When one of my consultants completed your Sales Bootcamp, the change in her was very interesting. When we first met, I was a bit skeptical but loved your energy and fresh approach.

Your willingness to speak for free at my company sales meeting to prove your value was a great idea and it worked beautifully!!

9 consultants immediately signed up for your 2 day sales Bootcamp. When you suggested we do a Bootcamp solely for us at the Thermomix head office, I was delighted. I have been on many courses in my life and really didn’t feel like another one, but I decided to lead by example.

My gosh, now I know why you call it a Bootcamp and not a seminar!!

We worked our butts off! I cannot believe how much we were able to get through. Your USP of being different, adding immense value and having fun are all true. We had a great time.

So much so that I cancelled meetings and my much coveted business coaching which I had intended to ‘sneak’ out for. I could never have guessed how important the inner and outer game of sales really is and you could not have prepared me for how brilliantly the two of you bring that to the table.

Most importantly for me as a business owner, you lived up to your deliverable. The 10 of us managed to book over 25 dems in under 30 minutes. Imagine what is possible! Then as true salespeople yourselves, you sold us the value of ongoing support and your Rags 2 Riches program.

My Team Leaders are unbelievably excited and focused right now and this will keep the momentum. Brilliant!

I’m excited at the prospect of hugely increased sales as the learnings filter down to the rest of the team and we work even more closely together with The YinYang of Sales.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am officially a convert. Alice Pitjika. THERMOMIX SA.

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Good morning Vinesh , just wanted to thank you for the awesome presentation this morning for us in the Discovery DFC branch. Looking forward to the bootcamp, you breathe fresh life into a very negative market place. Something I was longing for for ages. All the best and all the success you guys deserve. Theunis de Bruyn
Discovery Financial Adviser 😁