Anele Mda -

Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Teen Coach Mentor, Social Activist, Media Personality Entrepreneur

Through her activism in society Anele has risen through the ranks and this has seen her speaking is massive stages across the world and the continent of Africa. She has shared stage with many great leaders to mention a few, the late Kenyan and world renowned environmentalist, Wangari Maathai, the former Deputy President of Zimbabwe Ms, Joyce Mujuru , former AU Chairperson Ms Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Of significance and extreme highlight to the life of Anele as a Public Speaker was when she was when she was invited by the office of  the former President of United States of America, Barrack Obama where she got to share a stage with former First lady Michelle Obama while in Washington DC.

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

In her journey as a Motivational Speaker, Anele has spoken in events of mass significance with Global influencers. She has shared the stage with American Business Mogul and FACEBOOK Director and Chief Brand Strategist, sister to its founder Randi Zuckerburg,

She has spoken alongside South African Olympic Champion Wayde van Niekerk. She also has shared global stage with Former President Mandela’s grandson Ndaba Mandela. This has immensely contributed to the growth and maturity that Anele presents on stage which has been translated to how she moves audiences when she speaks.

Anele has herself undergone immense business coaching by different coaches and amongst them is the World’s leading wealth coach, Property Mogul and business investor JT Foxx, and it is through this coaching that her business acumen has propelled her to growth.

Anele is a trained Teen and Transformational Coach whose aim and focus is to unlock people’s potential helping them break from circumstantial imprisonment. She leads people to tap into hidden traits within them to become great in what they do and see results.

She is a coach who through her own life experiences has enabled teens mostly to transition to total healing and define life outside of circumstances.

Anele is a regular featured Commentator on TV, Radio, print and digital platforms.

Anele Mda is a gender and social activist, whose interest for societal betterment led to a formation of an Non-Governmental Organisation at young age of 18, called Creative Young Women and Growing Girls Group.

This NGO focused on both awareness and education programmes on HIV & AIDS, Home based Care as well as caregivers to
destitute and neglected AIDS infected patients etc. On the aspect of growing girls the organization was focused on issues of teenage pregnancy, teenage prostitution and child headed homes etc.

Through this NGO, a health information centre was opened in the town of Port St. Johns first ever, this centre was a one stop shop which catered for pre-and post-testing counselling, giving HIV and AIDS information, orphanage and abuse victims shelter. The work of the centre was led by Anele and she made immense contribution daily to its work.

Through the length and breadth of South Africa she traversed in fundraising and speaking publicly about the need to end the HIV and AIDS stigma, she captured USA based rape survivor, Gender Activist and former journalist, Charlene Smith who profiled the work done by Anele through the organization.

Through this breakthrough massive funders started pouring support, strengthening the work of the centre in a massive way. The work of the centre propelled government to come on board and play its role in providing support and ensuring continual benefit to the needy communities that were being serviced by the centre.


Anele is inspiring, exciting and outstanding.

Words are not sufficient to express the level of satisfaction we felt - CEO Mabeshane Makgopa Foundation

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“Words are not sufficient to express the level of satisfaction we felt…” CEO MakhwediMakgopa-Madisa Foundation see full testimonial here…
Anele has been acknowledged of her leadership by different institutions and media houses like being
nominated as one of the Top Youth Leaders in South Africa By Mail and Guardian in 2009 and by True
Love in 2010 as one of the Inspiring Women Leader in South Africa to mention just a few. Many high profile
media houses have profiled her, for her role as an Activist in Gender issues, Social and Politics.


Affirming that Anele played a role of significance while a Member of Parliament, in 2011 she was invited by the Office of the President of USA, President Barrack Obama as one of the Young Influential Leaders in Africa in their roles as Public Office Bearers.

She was invited to be in America as a guest of honour of the American Gvernment. In her stay of a month in America she participated in a number of public events and functions including University graduates in California, meeting with different Senate members of
different states like New Hampshire, California, Washington DC, Sacramento, Miami and other places.

This is one of the biggest honours that Anele has received which affirmed her leadership especially from such a Global powerhouse.

Anele has now started Motivational talks that are inspired by her own life experiences after completing Public Speaking coaching which she believe is a story that must be told especially to help strengthen those who come from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds and considering giving up in life.

Her Motivational talks are a healing method which allows people, women in particular to face their past hardships and rise beyond their scars and strive to succeed in life against all odds.

Anele is currently working on her book, Healing the Open Scars, through the eyes of a child, which will be published in audio and hard copy. This is a project very close to Anele’s heart as she will tell her story and change lives through her own story.