Lynn Hill

Lynn Hill

Speaker, Leadership, Coaching, Motivation

Lynn Hill – Founder of SOUL POWER

Global Inspirational Speaker & Award-Winning Author & Poet; Recognized Global & National Influencer; Multi- Award- Winning Professional; Trainer, Master Mentor; Leadership &Transformation Coach; Inspirational Columnist

“It takes the same amount of soil to dig a grave than it does to plant a garden. When I could have been buried, I chose to be planted. We all have this power to choose what to do with what we have been given, to choose how anything affects us”. (Lynn Hill)

The mind can only assume a single state in any given moment, this implies that you cannot think a negative and positive thought at the same time, neither can you be immersed in mediocrity and excellence at the same time, nor pity and power! In any moment, we get to choose: our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions!  Herein lies our true power!


Lynn is a Social Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Inspirational Columnist, Authoress, Executive & Leadership Coach & Transformation Practitioner. Lynn currently serves as a Director on the Woman of Stature Board: A National Training, Development & Networking Company.

Ms. Hill is one of the Founder Ambassadors of the Woman of Impact Speaker Bureau (WISB) where she is considered as one of their premier speakers under the auspices of Mr Robin Pullen, founder of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.

Ms. Hill holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, having majored in English & Psychology, a Higher Diploma in Education & an Honours Degree in Clinical Psychology, obtained from the University of the Western Cape. Ms. Hill also holds two international accreditations: as a registered Assessor with City & Guilds of London and as a licensed Thomas International Analyst.

Lynn epitomizes the spirit of resilience.

She has relentlessly pursued her God-given Destiny transcending adversity and challenge in the highest of ways through choosing to defy limitation and deny victimhood in every way!

Lynn has survived: consequences of the Group Areas Act/ Forced removal due to Apartheid as a child; a brutal rape at fifteen, (the charge became an attempted murder charge) an interrupted matric year due to political unrest; a teenaged pregnancy; the completion of ALL of her studies (full-time & part-time) while concurrently raising two very young children; career transitions; a divorce; single parenthood and a patriarchal business world direly lacking in integrity.

Ms. Hill currently inspires 7 million South African & African readers daily through her inspirational column in all national newspapers.

She has just authored her FIRST inspirational book, currently traveling the self- publishing route and has developed a range of inspirational products which is about to be launched and sold nationally & internationally.


Ms. Hill possesses 26 years of industry experience across multiple sectors on every organizational level. It is her depth of insight into human behavior and her depth of professional character that provides clients with the depth of a shifting and empowering experience, depth differentiates Lynn as a brand.

Lynn is able to, by virtue of her academic background, experiential knowledge, and spiritual wisdom, simplify the most complex of issues and situations in a very short space of time.

She becomes a cost-effective value-add to any person or business.

Lynn Hill’s levels of passion, combined with her victorious, meaningful life path authenticates the professional experience with her: humor and humility are hallmarks of this experience.

Speaker/ Facilitator Subjects

Lynn is able to elevate personal and organizational standards from functional to exceptional through inducing voluntary shifts that are value adds to bottom-line business in the following ways:

  • Improved staff morale, improved productivity
  • Increased sales, increased profit
  • Exceptional service excellence, exceptional customer/client retention and growth
  • Increased levels of self-efficacy, improved levels of self – directed performance management

Speaker Performance Fees

  • Speaking rates are: 25K-30K per hour talk depending upon preparation and customisation required by the client.
  • However, I am open to looking at things contextually to explore ways to  help clients with budget constraints


  • Inspirational & Professional Speaking
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Process Design, Facilitation & Training
  • Inspirational Writing & Curriculum Design


  • Trials to Triumphs: Transcending Pain, Anger & Unforgiveness
  • Overcoming prejudice and victimization in workplace!
  • Become your Brand Leader: the principles of Self-Leadership
  • Lead as you would like to be Led: Karmic Leadership
  • The Flip side of Fear: Feeling Fear, Facing Fear & Embracing COURAGE!




The Personal Mastery Program coerces the individual to examine to what extent they have begun to utilize the construct of Self -Leadership in the seven operating areas of their lives. Self- leadership, as a construct needs to be essentially owned before one can lead others.

The program challenges mediocrity and complacency at a personal and vocational level. It also invites the individual to assess and abandon, if applicable all forms of self- defeating/self- sabotaging behaviours. These need then to be replaced with reviewed and renewed mind-sets that can become enablers to pursuing excellence by stepping out! (Of comfort zones) and stepping up! (To newer, self- owned heights.). The programme also facilitates the adaptation to Personal or organizational change in that it allows for the development of new perspectives as well reframing the concept of “Fear” “Success“ &  “Failure.”

The Mastery Programme teaches us that Holism, Balance and Personal Excellence are inter-related. It increases self-efficacy, personal accountability & de-activates conditioned psychological responses and paralysis at a personal and organizational level! Levels of self – awareness and goal orientation are increased and internal dialogue becomes more constructive and less self -defeating! Through this very powerful course, light is shone on the concepts “God-given Destiny” & “Life Purpose.”


Fear withholds so many of us from stepping out of our comfort zones, living to our full potential or just from enjoying the exquisiteness found in the present moment. We’re so busy fearing change, recycling past, negative experiences or focusing on the lack of guarantees which the future cannot offer us! We resist, detest, procrastinate… all out of fear!

“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway ®” is a powerful one day workshop that invites you to experience the ‘okayness’ of feeling fear and despite its presence, to still do it anyway! “Doing it Anyway” would be the essence of the Workshop. The workshop provides a sanctified space to introspect and reflect on the effects that your fears have on the quality of your current and future reality! It facilitates movement away from indecision, paralyzed action and addiction to controlling outcomes towards confidence, intentional action and trusting the process! Candidates are introduced to practical, user-friendly tools to equip themselves with a mind-set to do it anyway!


This is a two day, highly interactive course which aims to increase levels of self-awareness with regards to erroneous beliefs, assumptions, perceptions and attitudes within the context of DIVERSITY. It allows individuals to contextualise their internal representations with regards to the above and to fully understand why they respond to difference of any sort in the way that they do. The course broadens and deepens individual and group understanding of the concepts of “CULTURE” and “DIVERSITY” beyond its traditional framework and within an individual and organizational context. Individuals are sensitized to aspects of communication in relation to diversity. The Diversity Management Course also links effective conflict resolution with a greater understanding of Diversity principles. It connects the concepts of fear and change management with diversity management. The individual is left to fully understand and embrace the concept of “UBUNTU” with regards to shifting mind-sets from individualistic to corporate, spiritual renewal. 

ASSERTIVENESS TRAINING: Behaviour breeds Behaviour 

This is a one-day course which moves beyond its technical definition. The course aims to enhance self-knowledge as well as assist individuals to understand their behaviours contextually along the Assertiveness continuum (AGGRESSION to SUBMISSION). To this end, it touches on the Four Life Positions and has individuals buy into the “I’m OKAY, You’re OKAY” approach as well as understand the value of a win-win paradigm. The course also touches on conflict resolution styles linked to the four life positions. It underlines the importance of valuing relationships, personal goals as well as respecting personal and professional boundaries.


The Emotional Intelligence Course is a highly introspective, one-day Course & has the candidate self-evaluate all of the Constructs of Emotional Intelligence. It moves beyond the traditional frameworks of EQ and emphasises the integration between vison, discipline, purpose and passion. It also aims to stress that EMOTIONAL intelligence cannot be separated from SPIRITUAL intelligence. Self-knowledge is hugely enhanced, as is the understanding of the impact that EQ & SQ have on our behaviours. It examines “consequence” and the way we are experienced as well as the way in which we experience ourselves. This course is a valuable tool in developing leaders and enhancing professional relationships.


This course is based on the following two premises:“The presence of anger is symptomatic of our need to heal.” (Iyanla Vanzant)

“We are never angry for the reasons we think.” (Marianne Williamson)

Unexpressed and repressed anger can be compared to toxic landmines. It is often the main cause of our inability to constructively engage with others and ourselves. This often results in “acting out” behaviour, usually directed inappropriately and on soft targets ( i.e. our loved ones) The only way to stop anger from running its hurtful course is to release it. The release component of this workshop is powerfully liberating as candidates are taken to a sacred space in which past hurtful experiences and pain is given a new perspective or Totally disowned if required.


“Seek ye first to understand, then to be understood” (Stephen.R. Covey)

This course teaches us what “real” listening is. It addresses the conscious and unconscious learned barriers to effective listening, which very often are linked to our highly subjective worldviews. It promotes the idea that the most effective communicators are the most effective listeners. The course underlines the undeniable importance of effective listening skills in rapport building, service excellence, conflict resolution and consultative leadership 

“The foolish get so caught up in selfishly re-cycling their own autobiographies, coupled with a need to hear themselves constantly, the WISE on the other hand, listen intently, quietly and uninterruptedly, seeking to understand in a non-judgemental way” Lynn Hill


This workshop reminds individuals that they were born worthy, limitless, beautiful, authentic and fearless. It illustrates how life’s experiences such as childhood, schooling, socialisation and hurtful adult experiences create a “perceived” brokenness and fragmentation to what essentially still remains whole – the essence of our being, our spirits. The workshop provides candidates with practical tools to reclaim personal value, eliminate and reduce the effects of negative influence, limited teaching and hurtful criticism. It aims to assist candidates to access the fullness of the Light within and to no longer stand in their own shadows. This course is a reflection of my philosophy: “Every Human Soul has Wings & was born to Fly!” Candidates are taught the mantra: “THE PREMIUM ON MY AUTHENTIC BEING IS TOO HIGH TO BE PUT ON A LESS 50% SALE!”

Speaker Requirements








  • Yanina Dubeykorvskaya: President of the World Communications Forum & Founder of Woman Influence Community Forum
  • Khalil Osiris: World Renowned Author (The Psychology of Incarceration) & Social Justice Activist


  • Shirley Zinn: Award Winning Author of: Swimming Upstream; Academic & S.A. Leadership Guru
  • Basetsana Khumalo: Media Mogul & Philanthropist









Lynn Hill was a victim of a hideously brutal rape & near death experience at fifteen, grew up on the Cape Flats during the Apartheid years & became a victim of a second rape at 51 years of age.

Lynn has endured a myriad of personal & professional challenges which possessed deterrent potential, but for most of her life & at 53 years of age has proven that we are indeed Masters of our Destiny and not Victims of our History.

Ms. Hill holds two post graduate qualifications: Education & Clinical Psychology & two international accreditations: (Assessor & Licensed Thomas Internal Analyst) She is currently researching her PHD Thesis Topic which combines the disciplines of Quantum Physics, Neuropsychology & Spiritual Psychology.

Lynn Hill has been featured on national television and is also featured in two Books: Forgotten Women, the South African Story & I AM HUMAN, soon to be released. Lynn has authored an Amazon International Bestseller & is in the process of fusing her Poetry with various music genres.

Her Inspirational reach over the past 4 years across various media platforms has been close to 10 million. Lynn Hill plans to exponentially increase her reach in the next 3 months.


Lynn Hill’s work has been endorsed by Professor Shirley Zinn, Leadership & Human Resources Guru & Authoress. Her Brand and work has also been further endorsed by Mr. Stephane Leblanc, founder & CEO of the International Centre for Conscious Leadership, Quebec Canada.


 Most Recent: 

  • Formalizing a business relationship with Peak Performers Institute in the United States
  • The development 65 consecutive weeks of non-replicated inspirational material for National Newspapers
  • Birthing of the Soul Power Movement with the purpose of changing a global consciousness.
  • Re-invitation to speak in Washington, December 2018
  • Invitation to Speak & train in Quebec, Montreal & Toronto 9 April onwards 2019 in conjunction with the International Centre for Conscious Leadership



  • Custodian for the Nuclear Cadet Programme: Recruitment, selection & psycho-social support (100% Black target, 90% Rural)
  • Professional Inspirational Speaker (1000 Women under one roof – CTICC)
  • Awarded Contracts as Stand-alone: Diversity Management: Grant Thornton Kessel Feinstein – Sandton;
  • Licensed by the late Dr. Susan Jeffers (Psychotherapist & Best – selling Authoress of Feel the Fear & Do it Anyway to run “Feel the fear & Do it Anyway” workshops in Africa)
  • Successful series of 360 Degree turnarounds in minimal time.


“…I was privileged to be part of an extremely inspiring session this morning facilitated by Lynn Hill De Wet. Her understanding of the subject content was excellent. Her technical skills, passion, dynamism are top class. Having” travelled” the province as a leader, I really do believe we could use her talents, for the benefit of our staff/province, to entrench a sustainable people platform that would give us a competitive advantage over the FNB’s & ABSA’s.”

– Graham Benn – Ex Regional Manager, Standard Bank


“Transformation always starts with the self, you are in my humblest of views an embodiment of transformative change and development for, you have literally and figuratively birthed and rebirthed innumerable perceptible, tangible and intangible virtuosos of everlasting beauty, let alone your priceless goddess self, your children and your book, Butterfly My Soul Got Wings . ”

– Professor Biki Minyuku, President of The Human Capital Engine and Ex CEO of TRC

Testimonial #3

“Dear Lynn, this is to officially thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending time with me and taking me through the Personal Mastery Course. This has provided me with the clarity of thought that I have been seeking and has helped me start the journey of pursuing my life’s purpose. Now, I’m finding that life and business challenges are becoming easier to face head-on and that I can tackle them with a greater amount of confidence.

Your ability to decipher and simplify the most complex of issues was most outstanding. I would definitely recommend this intervention to my colleagues, family and friends. With sincere thanks.”

– Ayanda Mbanga, Deputy Group CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and Owner of Ayanda Mbanga Communications

Testimonial #4

“When I was going through a court case, Lynn’s wisdom and advice helped me win the case. But it was her practical advice as my life, business and executive coach that put me on the path to financial and spiritual prosperity”.

-Kazeka Kuse, CEO of Daring Media, Former Times Media Syndicated Columnist, Breast cancer survivor and Author of Brave heart with Red Lipstick

Testimonial #5

“I have listened to many, many motivational and personal growth speakers in my 66 years, both live and on the internet. NEVER have I been as moved and engaged and literally entranced by the magic of Lynn Hill”

-Jane Angus, Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Lynn is a blessing.

” Lynn is a blessing. She speaks with passion and conviction. When she shares her story, she carries you with her and gives you the immediate hope plus belief that you too will go through whatever issues you’re going through. That nothing and especially no one can keep you down or silent. She is a testimony herself. 

She commands attention with such professional ease and leaves a seed in the audience on a change that each one needs to make. She is what people need to hear as she is authentic, real, honest and filled with Grace”.

 (Ms. Candy Kasonkomona, Regional Vice-President, Southern, Eastern & Central West Africa – Hahn Air – FEB 2020)

What An Experience!

“My first experience of watching Lynn Hill speak live, was exactly that: an experience. Such is the magic of Lynn Hill.   The moment she began to speak, everything else in the room faded away. I was transfixed.   She began to emerge, transform, into the powerhouse that is Lynn. Small in stature, Lynn becomes immensely powerful as she speaks and inspires. Lynn shifts people inwardly, but she also shifts the energy in the room. She becomes mesmerizing as her energy takes up every corner of the room, yet she remains humble and authentic. A rare combination indeed. 

(Barbara Kingsley: Inspirational Speaker, HIV Activist, Author, September 2020)


“Thank you so much for sharing YOU with us. It was BRILLIANT, AMAZING and SO INSPIRING! You’ve really put my Project on a great and impactful start”. (Astrid Doorasamy: Project Coordinator & Oral Care Consultant – Colgate Palmolive – Sept 2020)

...give us a competitive advantage

“I was privileged to be part of an extremely inspiring session this morning facilitated by Lynn Hill.

Her understanding of the subject content was excellent; her technical skills passion & dynamism are top class. Having “travelled” the Province as a Leader, I really do believe we could use her talents for the benefit of our Staff & Province to entrench a sustainable People Platform that would give us a competitive advantage over the FNB’s & ABSA’s”

(Graham Benn – ex Regional Manager Standard Bank)

...NEVER have I been as moved and engaged

“I have listened to many, many Motivational Speakers in my 68 years, both live and on the internet. NEVER have I been as moved and engaged, literally entranced by the Magic of Lynn Hill”. (Jane Angus – Business Owner & Entrepreneur)

Your ability to decipher and simplify the most complex of issues was most outstanding.

“Dear Lynn, this is to officially thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending time with me and taking me through the Personal Mastery Course. This has provided me with the clarity of thought that I have been seeking and has helped me start the journey of pursuing my life’s purpose.

Now, I’m finding that life and business challenges are becoming easier to face head-on, and that I can tackle them with a greater amount of confidence.

Your ability to decipher and simplify the most complex of issues was most outstanding. I would definitely recommend this intervention to my colleagues, family and friends. With sincere thanks!

(Ayanda Mbanga, ex-Deputy Group CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and Owner of Ayanda Mbanga Communications)