Go Beyond staff Motivation…Employee Engagement and happiness are vital in todays VUCA business challenges

Employee Engagement is a direct reflection upon leadership CONSCIOUSNESS, effectiveness, workplace culture, management style, and employee Happiness@work mindset.

Inspiring Business Expert Speaker with a Motivational Style Inspiring Business Expert Speaker with a Motivational Style[/caption]

One of the most valuable drivers of Employee Engagement is effective Teamworking… REAL Team Building transforms your teamwork and culture in your workplace into a great place to work?

Tony is a provocative, fun, inspiring, thought-provoking  “alchemist” and has developed a keynote  business talk on how to improve wellness, performance and Happiness @ work.

Actionable info

Discover the benefits and action steps you can take to immediately begin to shift attitudes, mindsets, behaviors and actions in your workplace.

Tony Shares his extensive insights and wisdom around Mindfulness, Organizational Wellness, Stress Reduction. More effective leadership approaches and the greatest threats to workplace culture and success.

Discover latest research relating to workplace engagement, management/ leadership impact and effectiveness.

Learn a lot and laugh a lot

Whilst the topic of business is usually quite serious, tony brings a light hearted approach to some serious business.  happy people deliver almost @25%-50% more than unhappy people.

Learn specific strategies you can apply based upon extensive research by iOpener Institute UK’s Science of Happiness at Work ™ Model.

Also be entertained with the latest understandings relating to mindsets, attitude, neuro leadership and building High performance organisations (HPO)  with Appre4ciative inquiry and The Action Advantage Success Ensurance System

Science of Happiness at work  Speakers & Facilitators

Science of Happiness at work Facilitators ™

Contact Tony dovale on 083-447-63400  or email  speaker @ coachfree.com (remove the spaces from the email)