Why choose to have a Business or Motivational Speaker @your event?


Events Cost Money, Time, Focus, and effort…lots of each…  So you need to make the most of the opportunity for building your credibility, brand, and positive associations.

By choosing to have a professional expert speaker at your event you show that you are serious about impacts and benefits for the attendees.

Here are some of your benefits for choosing our expert and professional emerging speakers.

  • Fresh insights, perspectives and thinking
  • New trends and viewpoints
  • External expertise
  • Longer event experience memory
  • Best bang for your bucks
  • New faces, instead of same old…same old…
  • Get speakers that relate to your audiences
  • Mind-Grow-Tainment process ensures greatest value and impacts
  • You are supporting a GREAT Cause as well as your event
  • Our speakers come with a HIGHER purpose and passion
  • You can support our NGO “Keep the DREAM”
  • Our speakers and presenters are Passionate, Purpose-driven and Professional
  • We offer the best return on your investment


A list of happy clients

  • Professional Provident Fund
  • Standard Bank
  • Hirsch’s
  • Discovery
  • Vodacom
  • Abeshani Makgopa Foundation
  • Daly Bread Organisation

Choose our Passionate, Thought-Provoking and Inspiring Business Leadership Speakers, Motivational Presenters, Coaches, Mc’s, Facilitaors, Performers and subject Experts for your next Conference, workshop or Eventand