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Executive Summary: This speech gets the audience to examine their paradigms and limitations on what the real funtion of a business/Team can become.

It explores the journey from Peasants to modern-day Enlightened Business Partnerships and REAL teams. It challenges the listeners’ past beliefs and perspectives on the role of business in the enhancement of workplace upliftment of workers, families and communities.

Duration: 1 Hour

Ideal Audience: All leaders, managers, supervisors, HR professionals, Finance professionals, that are concerned with Staff Engagement, Talent Retentions, Business Social Responsibility, Higher Ground Leadership and Enlightened business principles.

Content: General Content

Minimum Audience Size: 15

Maximum Audience Size: No Maximum

Fee Structure Details:

Speech Format : R 17,500-R25,000 + Costs (No handouts with the speech)

Additional Information – What’s in it for participant?

Often it can be very challenging for shareholders and business leaders to examining things that they like to avoid – The REAL role of a business vehicle and the impact they have on their staff, teams, communities and society.

If we are to embrace Integrity, Care and Creativity and truly leap into the 21st century of Enlightened Business and Higher Ground Leadership – things must change in the structure and role of business for the betterment for all.


Speech Outline:

After challenging the audience to reconsider the function and role of an enlightened team and business system, partricipants are take on a visual virtual adventure into a potential future that is inclusive, supportive, resilient and humane.

What You Take Away?

After examining this “Workplace Function Audit” and your leadership style compared to Greedership vs leadership, you will have clearer perspective what it possible in your business to create a workplace that performs beyond the norm and has high levels of engagement, talent utilisation and retention, and is a life-giving foundation for wide ranging partnerships.

Additional Notes:
Notes: Some people find this experience very challenging as we examine facets of old and new business environments and their leadership demands- The intention of the process is a challenge to move business practices into the 21st century realm of enlightened business partnerships and to leverage REAL team building and team development for enhancing organizational culture and contribution.

Namaste’ – Tony Dovale

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