Blue Ocean strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) is a recent innovation and approach in Business Strategy. Instead of trying to beat the “competition”, BOS innovation and creativity focuses on being #FutureFit:

1. Making your competition irrelevant by creating new uncontested market spaces/opportunities.
2. Creating innovative and new approaches that add more value & impact and turns existing problems into challenges to be solved.

Blue Ocean Strategy History (BOS)

Blue Ocean Strategy Facilitation Focus

BOS is the strategic alignment of Value, Profit, and People, propositions to systematically OPTIMISE opportunities and strengths whilst minimizing risks and competition/Challenges.

BOS is the result of a decade long study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than 30 Industries over 100 years (1880-2000). BOS is a set of methodologies, tools and frameworks that makes Blue Ocean a simple, structured, learnable system for enhancing business effectiveness.

Enhance Business Effectiveness with BOS

Create a Blue Ocean Strategy That Works For YOU

•BOS covers both strategy formulation and execution
• Generate new strategic growth
• Drive costs down while simultaneously driving VALUE up
• Recognize limitations of existing approach to growth and profitability
• Identify non-customers and convert them into customers
• Apply the practical tools and frameworks of Blue Ocean Innovation

Blue Ocean Strategy Benefits

Your BOS Benefits? How do you get more #AdaptAgility?

• Assess current strategic landscape; Draft a Blue Ocean strategic course of action.
• Go from productivity to creativity/innovation management for achieving sustainable/profitable growth.
• Build a High performance creative management team to resolve challenges and competition irrelevant
• Eliminate and reduce redundant costs from your system while creating new value for your customers and stakeholders
• Reconstruct industry boundaries to create new demand for your products and services

The Benefits of Blue Ocean strategy Approach

Moving from Thought to Action: Blue Ocean Formulation & Execution

• Minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities with Blue Ocean Strategy tools and Frameworks using the Strategy Canvas to analyze your current strategic landscape and to chart your future strategy
• Ensuring commercial viability of Blue Ocean Ideas with the Blue Ocean Strategy Business Model and Building execution into strategy with Tipping Point Leadership and Fair Process

Visual Awakening and Exploration:

Exercise #1

Exercise #1 – Design The Strategy Canvas

Understand your positioning and your competitors, and where the GAPS are.

Exercise 2:

Identifying blocks to buyer/service utility

Id constraints, challenges and blocks to buyer /service utility on User/Buyer Utility Map


Explore Strategic Options

Exploring future options with the Four Paths and ERRC Grid.

Build a REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACEOur Consciously Constructive, Revolutionary Workplace, High Performance System combines Blue Ocean Strategy with Appreciative Inquiry, the New Science of Happiness at work, Leading Business Tribes principles, and High Performance Organisation’s CLEARx CultureShift, to create our “KILLA” Company process.

This provides a fundamental shift in perspectives, energies, attitudes, approach, application, execution and sustainability – this gives you a greater chance of becoming a really high performance organisation in a sustainable and viable manner.

Life Masters & Tony Dovale.

Unleashing People, Teams, Leadership and Culture  to thrive in VUCA times


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