Business Talks Title :- Real Resilience For Radical Results

The CORE 21st Century Competency that matters

Tony Dovale – Professional Speaker, Keynote Presenter, Coach & Catalyst

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Executive Summary: This Resilience presentation explains the roots and value of Resilience/ Adversity Intelligence/ AQ, and gets the audience to examine their Personal Resilience Programming and Team Resilience Status.

Resilience is the requisite skill for health, happiness, results and success in the 21st century. IQ won’t do it, EQ can’t do it. AQ is CORE to your and your teams’ success.

AQ – your mental programming that is hard wired can be changed to alter a persons inner-landscape and warmware (Mental Software)

Most people have “thought-viruses” that prevent them from operating at optimal levels. With Resilience awareness and RE-programming, resilience levels and hardiness can be elevated on a long-term basis.

Real Resilience takes the listener into challenging their automated/robotic reactions to circumstances and replacing them with a hi-Resilience attitude that impacts all aspects of their lives.

Duration: 60-70 minutes

Ideal Audience: Leaders, managers, supervisors, business professionals and staff that are concerned about Resilience, Health, Stress, Engagement, Talent Retentions and Hardiness .

Content: Business content

Minimum Audience Size: 15

Maximum Audience Size: No Maximum

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Speech Format : (No handouts with the speech)

Additional Information – What’s in it for participant?

An awareness of their internal Resilience Chatter and unconscious habitual thought-patterns that would be affecting and lowering their Resilience levels.

An understanding of the importance and value of the science of personal & team Resilience. Enlightened Leadership can ensure their staff begin to have high resilience attitudes and approaches.

When you realise how important Resilience is in the workplace and the role and impact AQ has on health, healing, stress levels, creativity, energy, communication, self esteem, relationships, and business results. People need to be equipped to handle the pressures and challenges of the 21st century.

Speech Outline:

After building awareness and understanding about the value and importance of personal resilience or adversity intelligence, participants are exposed to the theory and principles underpinning real resilience.

Attendees will gain and understanding into their own resilience levels and what they can begin to do immediately to enhance them.

What You Take Away?

After examining this personal resilience audit and team resilience assessment, you will have a very clear understanding of the value and importance of resilience in the modern workplace; And what can be done to begin to elevate staff resilience / AQ quotient.

Additional Notes:
Notes: Some people discover that they are their own working this experience very challenging as we examine facets of old and new business environments — However the entire process is a discovery and challenge to move their business practices in the 21st century of enlightened business – This is an opportunity to explore possibility.

Namaste’ – Tony Dovale

SA’s #1 Energy Coach, Professional Speaker, Coach & Resilience Expert

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