Who Should you Choose and Your Next Business Speaker?

Deciding on Motivational Speakers, Expert Leadership Speakers,  or Conference presenters, fees can be tricky? How do you estimate or evaluate an inspiring business speakers’s VALUE? How do you decide what their time, skills, experience, expertise, message and impact, is worth?

You want how much for a Motivational Speech?!

R45,000 or R35,000? Yes some other South African Motivational speakers and leadership experts do charge R35,000+  to R45,000 for a 60-90 minute talk and walk!

How are professional business and inspiring motivational speakers in South Africa worth that?

What’s the difference between a R15, 000, or R20 000, or a R35,000, professional business speakers’ presentation?  Is there really a difference?

What is the difference that makes the difference worth it?

How do you decide on great Motivational Speakers in South Africa? Price or Value?


First Steps: What are you looking to gain from your investment in a business speaker?

  • Entertainment
  • Information
  • Inspiration
  • Expertise
  • Education

What do you want your audience and participants to experience, think, feel, learn, and walk away with?   What makes a KEYNOTE MOTIVATIONAL speaker great VALUE valuable? 

  • Smile?
  • Voice?
  • Content?
  • Expertise?
  • Results?

    How can you make sure that you get your fair monies worth?

    When choosing a keynote speaker or expert business speaker, or any Motivational Speakers in Gauteng… consider this… Can the speaker bring you a solution, and real value, to a present issue or challenge?

Firstly…What is the VALUE of their CONTENT? Secondly, How well can they present their message?

What is their depth of knowledge and expertise on the subject. eg Leveraging iOpener Institutes the Science of Happiness at Work TM , Leading Workplace Tribes, APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY application, Limitless Leadership Principles, or REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams?

Next… What is the presentation “experience” like…

it’s no good having an expert who is dull, dreary, and depressing, when they are presenting?
and be relevant to listeners?

  • Can the speaker find ways to make their knowledge, information and wisdom come alive?
  • Can the Speaker make the message relevant to listeners context?
  • Can they bring Edu-tainment into your corporate conference or High Performance team event?
  • Do they incorporate memorable stories, humour, audience interaction, visuals, and metaphors?
  • Do they have CLEAR take-home message and actionable value?

Customisation: Will they customise their core  keynote presentations or Leadership and Motivatonal Talks to suite your specific audience needs?

Can the speaker bring additional value by shifting their topic content, expertise, and motivational/keynote presentation, towards the specific audience energies on the day?  Can the speaker make it REALL – Relevant, Engaging, Actionable, Likeable and Learnable.

Celebrity Speakers: 

Remember… a celebrity might be well known, but that doesn’t mean they are subject matter experts, that have the necessary skills, knowledge, or ability to shift your audiences energy, consciousness, actions, or add any REAL VALUE beyond brief entertainment.

Speaker Credentials: 

What are the speaker’s background and credentials?  Expert Speakers carry more impact, and power, than pure celebrity. 

A speaker’s credentials answer the important question: Does this speaker know what he/she is speaking on? Are they MASTERS of their trade and craft? Credentials/ expertise, or credibility, can also take the form of deep experience. How long has the speaker been presenting or speaking? 

What is their experience with this subject? Are they a member of Professional Associations? 

This all adds to the VALUE and the ENSURANCE your speaker brings.

Entertainment Speakers: 

Be careful of speakers who are all flash, dash and no depth. Like motivation, their results and message impacts just don’t last. Entertainment is worth money. Energy and Vibe can add some value to your conference.

The Total Speaker Package and Experience: 

What’s it like to deal with the speaker; What else do they bring to the table? Are they truly professional in their preparation and presentation? Will they leave a lasting impact? It the speaker AND the additional stuff around the edges of the package that also matter.

So when you are deciding to choose me, Tony Dovale as your BEyond Motivational business speaker, You are not paying just for a 60-minute Keynote or leadership Talk… you are getting my…

  • 42+years and years of practice, experience and expertise
  • My Credentials (Science of Happiness at Work, Developer of the REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE ,
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy Accreditation
  • Appreciative Inquiry expertise
  • Consciously Constructive  Leadership
  • Real Resilience and psychological Capital

see www.tonydovalespeaks.com

  • supported by weeks and months of preparation
  • days of research, refinement, and design
  • helped by hours and hours of rehearsal and preperation
  • delivered with Love,  Passion and Professionalism

…all combined to create one session of superb Mind-Grow-Tainment, and impact that creates value on multiple dimensions: Personal, Team, Organisational, and Business.

So when you choose Tony Dovale as your Professional Business  or Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Coach, or trainer – you are being smart and choosing optimal VALUE – Especially @R 25,000, it’s GREAT Value, compared tpo paying R35,000 to R40,000.

Connect with Tony dovale on Linked In, Facebook, or Twitter: @tonydovale.  View his BEyond motivational and REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE presentations and fast-track skills-development materials and articles at: Http://www.lifemasters.co.za