Science of Happiness @Work Research


iOpener Institutes researchers for the Science of Happiness @ Work TM have spent more than 6 years building a body of evidence through theoretical and empirical research.  The combination of world-class research from Iopener Institute and our and award-winning consulting make us the best place to go for:

  • Practical and measurable solutions to complex issues affecting performance in the workplace
  • Research-based products which bring about and support lasting change
  • Access to knowledge and expertise in contemporary workplace issues

The iopener Institute world-class in-house research team has found innovative ways of assessing what enables people to consistently deliver measurable and sustainable results for themselves and their organizations.

Working to the highest academic standards, they create knowledge and translate that into practical audit and assessment tools that you can use to drive change and shift culture.

Learn more about research into the Science of Happiness at Work TM .

Measure how happy you are at work using the flagship questionnaire, the iPPQ.

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