Professional Speakers, Keynote Presenters, Coaches & Catalysts, Consultants and Facilitators

Tony is an expert in SHIFTING RESULTS. Tony incorporates tools, technologies and insights that include Neuro Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, Science of Happiness, Action Advantage System & Emotionetics.

Tony will customise his talks or workshops to suite your specific needs.

Professional Presentations and Business Keynote Speeches

– The Power of Emotionetics – Hi Voltage Living with EQ, AQ & SQ
– AQ / Resilience – Your true success predictor (Adversity Quotient)
– Upgrading Your Mental and Emotional Firmware
– Staying Sane in a Mad workplace – You want me to work where?
– Transforming  The Toxic Workplace
– Prisoners in Paradise – The Break out
– Beyond Customer Service & Care
– Human CRM
– Soul Setting & Goal Getting for a better workplace & world
– Building Real Teams with Real Trust
– Emotional Economy – How to get greater mileage
– Rebuilding, Redesigning, Recreating yourself for REAL success
– 21st Century Dragon-Slayers
– Energy Masters & enlightened Leaders
– Real Corporate Transformations
– Trust is a must or bust!
–  E-motions in Business
– Imagin-eering for Unlimited Beliefs
– Inner Journeys for Outer Peace
– Who is driving Your Bus?
– Higher Ground Leadership based on S.P.I.R.I.T. Principles
– Resilience – Turn Stumbling blocks to stepping stones
– Adversity Quotient / Resilience in the 21st Century
– Networks & Networking – New Marketing Trends
– The Web & Networking 21st Century Business Strategies for Survival
– Soul power – The way of the Heart
– Emotionetics and Inspiration – Beyond Motivation
– Corporate Soul-Surgery & Emotionetics
– Are your Mind and Heart Y2K compatible?
– iCRM – Who is your real customer?
– Why CRM fails and what you can do to ensure success.
– Running towards the edge of Nothing – Resilience
– Resilience – CORE tool  for success in the 21st Century
– Building a workplace into a WOW-place with S.E.X. (Synergistic Wnergy eXchange)
– Real Team building for Real teams
– Trust is a MUST – or bust!
– Corporate Wellness & Well-being
– Peasant to Partnerships for greater Engagement
– Workplace Engagement for Sustainable Results
– Flap to FLy with WHY
– Leading Workplace Tribes

Custom Created messages

We will organize other presentations and talks that are specific to your challenges, issues or topics on special request. As a competent Toast Master Tony has great experience in delivering lively, controversial and transformative topics.

Toast Master and Keynote Speakers

Tony has participated in local Toastmasters in Sandton

Through his Life Masters team they are able to deliver Coaching, Talks, workshops and presentations on other subjects such as:-

– Awareness & self management
– Stress Management with Emotionetics
– Assertiveness & Consciousness – Power Vs force
– The Next Corporate strategy – Life Biz/Love biz
– Growing Customers for Life
– Neuro Leadership – Executive / Leadership Development
– Hi Voltage Leaders / Consciousness and Spirit in Business
– Workplace Engagement & Happiness- A marriage made in wellness

To book Tony for an inspiring business or High Performance leadership talk call 083-447-6300

Namaste’ – Tony Dovale

SA’s #1 Energy Coach, Professional Speaker, Coach & Resilience Expert