Dr. Emmanuel Imevbore & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Emmanuel Imevbore & Chief Executive Officer

Leadership, Coaching, Motivation

Management consultant, business development strategist, and organizational coach – Expert who speaks on Values, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and management consulting.

Extensive Expertise

Dr Imevbore has at various times been a university lecturer and researcher, director of companies and consultant/adviser to several private and public sector operators across Africa, notably South Africa and Nigeria.  Emmanuel has devoted considerable time to training, coaching and mentoring small business owners and budding entrepreneurs in major African countries.

He is also actively engaged in seminar, conference and workshop facilitation, as well as public speaking on such themes as business leadership, workplace transformation and successful entrepreneurship.

Executive Coach

As a business and organizational coach, he supports business owners, leaders and managers to discover, and leverage their uniqueness for brand differentiation in the marketplace. His powerful “STEP UP” (Strategy, Thought, Energy and Passion) business transformation model has in this regard assisted tens of entrepreneurs and small business owners/managers in particular to uncover hidden wealth in their businesses.

International Experience and Sensitivity

The value that Emmanuel adds to organizations derives from his business development and corporate strategy planning skills, which have been deployed in both the private and public sectors of several African countries. His goal is always to support organisations and businesses to create value and consequently wealth, by improving their marketplace impact through optimum resource integration.


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Limitless Leadership

In Person Fee : R24,975   Zoom / Virtual Fee R17,975

Emmanuel provides talks, coaching and training in any of these formats:

  • Conference keynote presentations: 45-90 minutes
  • Workshops: 2-hours / half-day / full-day / multi-day
  • Retreats and breakaways: 1-3 days
  • Group or Individual Coaching
  • All above services can be supported by resources to ensure implementation and sustainability.

All Programmes are designed to be a practical, hands-on road map to help participantsrapidly develop in key business areas.

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SA Clients: MTN, Loita Group, Ethix Resources (Pty) Ltd, Transnet, Capital Alliance (Pty) Ltd., Ariviakom (Pty) Ltd., Legal Aid Board, Selomako Investment Holdings. In Nigeria, they include: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Zetel Communications, Equity Assurance Group, TopBrass Aviation, Enegas Power Limited, BHS International Limited, Botro Oil & Marine Services Ltd., as well as several state governments’ agencies and parastatals.

International: Afrosoft Corporation and E-Integration Limited (Zimbabwe), The Crowne Group (Botswana), I-Tech Group of Companies (Ghana), Simba Cement Company (Tanzania), Pegma Technologies, NJ (USA),etc.