Keynotes Leadership vs Greedership

Title :ALERT – Higher Ground Leadership
Moving from Greedership to Real Leadership – Purpose beyond profit

Tony Dovale
Professional Speaker, Keynote Presenter, Coach & Catalyst

Speech Details

Category: Business Speech

Executive Summary: This speech gets the audience to examine their paradigms on what Real Higher Ground Leadership consists of.

It explores the history and journey from slavery/ Peasants to modern day Enlightened business and Higher Ground Leadership.. It takes the listener into challenging rthier perspectives on the role of business in the upliftment of workers, families and communities on a sustainable basis.

Duration: 1 Hour- Cannot be shortened

Ideal Audience: All leaders, managers, supervisors, HR professionals, Finance professionals, that are concerned about Staff Engagement, Talent Retentions, Business Social Responsibility, Higher Ground Leadership and Enlightened business principles.

Content: Adult Content Sometimes

Minimum Audience Size: 20

Maximum Audience Size: No Maximum

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Speech Format : See Keynote Speaker Rates (No handouts with the speech)

Additional Information – What’s in it for participant?

Sometimes it is very disturbing for Finance professionals and business leaders to examining things that they like to avoid. But in order to move into the 21st century of Enlightened Business and Higher Ground Leadership – things must change for the better for all.

Finally it turns out to be a mind bending experience when you realise how important and challenging it is to create engagement, talent retention and a healthy, humane, workplace.
Speech Outline:

After Shocking the audience into realising where the world and enlightened Higher Ground Leadership is moving, and the challenges leadership faces to create an engaging and supportive workplace, partricipants are take on a visual virtual adventure into a perfect WOWplace, and challenged to embrace some of the principles and ideas from enlightened Business perspective.
What You Take Away?

After examining this “audit” of your workplace and leadership, you will have a very clear view of what it is you may need to do in your business to create a WOW place with engagement, retention and life-giving partnerships.
Additional Notes:
Notes: Some people find this experience very challenging as we examine facets of old and new bujsiness environments — However the entire process is a discovery and challenge to move thier business practices in the 21st century of enlightened business – This is an opportunity to explore possibility.

Namaste’ – Tony Dovale

SA’s #1 Energy Coach, Professional Speaker, Coach & Resilience Expert