Science of Happiness at Work ™ Assessments

Assessment tools by iOpener Institue UK,  use research-based measures to quantify complex workforce issues. The Science of Happiness at Work suite currently has two primary assessment/profile tools:

The iPPQ is their flagship measure of Happiness at Work. It helps individuals, teams and organizations maximize their productivity, performance, and potential.

The i360 is their leadership development assessment and tool. Based on the iPPQ, the i360 measures a leader’s capacity to build and maintain teams which perform and flourish by maximizing Happiness at Work.
All iOpener Institute’s tools are exclusively administered by accredited professionals. You can quickly measure your happiness by completing the  assessment and receiving your free report.

Science of Happiness at Work ™Analyze

Report on individuals’, teams’, and organizations’ performance and happiness. Indentify the least and most happy teams within organizations and establish the factors that connect (or separate) them. Find out which leaders enhance happiness and performance at work. These are just a few of the things possible with iOpener Institutes customized Science of Happiness at Work TM analysis reports.

    • The individual report gives an individual an overview of their strengths and weaknesses, and an understanding of what affects their happiness at work.
    • The team report focuses on the overall performance of the team in relation to the 5 components of happiness and gives recommendations forimprovement. This report also benchmarks the team against similar teams.
    • The organization report relates The 5 components of happiness to quantifiable performance across the organization. Both high and low-scoring areas are analyzed, and recommendations for improvements are made. Ideal for guiding and tracking strategic workforce SOHAW initiatives.
    • The i360 report analyzes the extent to which a leader is building happiness in their team. Their most successful achievements as well as areas for development are highlighted.
Samples of all of the above reports are available upon request.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. Our accredited professionals are experts at tailoring the Science of Happiness assess, analyze, act process to specific situations.

Science of Happiness at Work ™ – Act

The iOpener Institute for People and Performance uses research-based tools, techniques and workshops to effect change. Thier insights enable us to develop leaders who enhance happiness and performance at work in a suatainable and appreciative manner.

Building Science of Happiness at Work TM actions take a number of forms:

Desgning a custom plan of action

  • Upskilling key employees to develop in-house expertise or providing full service support from our team
  • Managing communications to introduce The Science of Happiness at Work TM across the organization
  • Ongoing support for internal accreditees
  • Stimulating bottom-up and top-down change
  • Offering a modular leadership program
  • Reassessment to ensure measurable change

REAL Team building exercises and events are specifically designed to address identified issues. These may be customised events at company locations, large team ‘away-days’ or at smaller tailored team building CultureShifting workshops.

Happiness Coaching can be both on a 1-to-1 and a team basis. An accredited expert will implement the unique Science Of Happiness iTools ™ to bring out the best in individuals and teams.

We take a bottom-up approach, involving all members of a team to create a shared ownership of the process. Action is backed up by ongoing support, which includes repeat measurement to understand what impact changes have had. Contact me to discuss your requirements, and how The Science of Happiness at Work TM can benefit your organisation in a menaingfull way.

Tony Dovale is a Liscenced Practitioner & Facilitator for the Science Happiness at workTM ©-iOpener Institute