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All organizations believe that people are their most important assets. That’s why coaching within
organizations is experiencing such phenomenal growth worldwide.
Getting the most out of these ‘people assets’ is vital: lost productivity, sickness, lack of motivation and poor goal achievement are all clearly connected with being unhappy or happy at work.
Recent Research by iOpener Institute UK reveals
  • Are 180% more energized
  • Are 155% happier in their jobs
  • Are 108% more engaged at work
  • Are 150% happier with life
  •  Love their jobs 79% more
  • Are 50% more motivated
  •  Have 40% more confidence
  •  Achieve their goals 35% more
  • Contribute 25% more
 Most stunningly, people who are happy at work report that they are 47% more on task than their
unhappy  staff counterparts.


Science of Happiness at Work ™Research

Researching happiness at work around the world for more than 8 years+ it has been discovered that it’s different from job satisfaction

and engagement: happiness leads to both of these but they don’t work the other way round.

In short, being happy at work pays…For everyone with higher team spirit, collaboration, Engagement and Energy.

But we also know that it pays for coaches and HR professionals to understand the influencing factors and

elements of the Science of Happiness at Work TM Model, in order to better help their clients to achieve

greater self mastery and higher happiness levels at work.

The happiest employees in the U.K. & the U.S. private sectors only take 1.5 days off sick a year compared to an average of 6 days off by the

average employee. (In the public sector, the same comparison is 11 and 20 days). The multiplier effect of being unhappy at work is huge.

Too good to be true? Got it all back-to-front? Maybe you’re thinking that all these marvellous things

lead to people being happy at work. Not so. Happiness leads to all these positive outcomes, not the other way around.


Happiness at work coaching will transform your teamworking forever and create a workplace where people can be truly happy at work.

Tony Dovale is a Liscenced Practitioner & Facilitator for the Science Happiness at workTM ©-iOpener Institute