Jacques de Villiers

Jacques de Villiers

Speaker, Coaching, Motivation, Trainer



I help you navigate this journey elegantly and eloquently by guiding you to become a courteous, intentional and triumphant human being.

Personally I Am:

• A father to a magical, old-soul 12-year-old daughter
• A brother to three brothers and a sister
• A prolific writer. In the past 20 years I’ve penned 7,2-million words … that’s around 1000 words every single day
• A modern-day monk residing at a Sufi spiritual retreat in Walker Fruit Farms, 53 kilometres from Sandton
• The biggest fan of Carlos Castaneda, Stoicism, Sufism, Charles Bukowski, Greek mythology, Calvin and Hobbs and the song, Mad World by Gary Jules.
• A chess player
• A Bass fisherman
• A meditator and journaler
• A bibliophile (I think I’ve blown all my money on books)
• A seeker of spiritual knowledge

Professionally I Am:

• Exceptionally good at helping leaders inspire their employees to follow them to hell and back using the Schuitema Care & Growth Leadership Model
• Brilliant at crafting pieces of text that make an impact. I’ve ghostwritten six books for other authors and penned a number for my own account.
• Outstanding at helping sales professionals close more deals more consistently whilst keeping their souls intact.
• A standard bearer who is as tough on myself as I am tough on my clients to raise our standards so that we can become the magnificent and triumphant human beings we were meant to
• A human excellence coach and consultant helping people live lives full of security, power, fulfilment and harmony
• An intriguing and interesting speaker who has spoken in front of 1 200+ audiences since 1998 both locally and internationally

I’m currently focused on 4 things

• Finishing my newest book, What If Hollywood Doesn’t Call? A Fractured Monk’s Guide To Enlightenment
• Advising leaders how to grow their people
• Building up my LinkedIn Social Selling consulting business
• Building a labyrinth at the spiritual retreat I live on

Awards and Recognition

• I’m a Distinguished Toastmaster
• I’m a Toastmaster of the Year recipient
• I’ve been given the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa most prestigious award, The Stef du Plessis Founder’s Award
• I’m a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa
• I’m a board member of the Global Speakers Federation

Speaker subjects
Speaker Fees

  • 45 minute to 90 minute keynote address – R25 000
  • Full-day workshops or training – R30 000
  • Online Human Excellence coaching – R2000 per hour
  • Ghostwriting 1 – short 5000 word Lead Magnet E-books – R10 000
  • Ghostwriting 2 – 30 000+ words – R50 000+ (dependent on scope of work, research, travel, etc)
  • Editing of manuscripts – R40 000+
Jacques de villiers offers the following services

  • Spiritual Marketing and Selling – How to get people to buy from you without losing your soul
  • Social Selling – How to use LinkedIn to close more deals more consistently
  • The Warrior Code – Arcane knowledge from the greatest warrior tribes to help you lead an exceptional, magnificent life full of security, power, fulfilment and harmon
  • How to Live and Die with Elegance and Eloquence – How to practice most catastrophic event in your life; your death
  • What if You Get a Pug? – How to use disadvantages and constraints to craft a magnificent life
  • Workshops: 2-hours / half-day / full-day / multi-day
  • Retreats and breakaways: 1-3 days
  • Group or Individual Coaching
  • All above services can be supported by resources to ensure implementation and sustainability.

All Programmes are designed to be a practical, hands-on road map to help participants rapidly develop in key business areas.

Speaker Requirements
Clients: PSASA, Liberty Life, Standard Bank, Absa, Sanlam, Sasol,


Jacques is the most intelligent and fun presenter. His drive to keep learning makes his teaching very relevant. Jacques is always current and the manner in which he imparts knowledge is unique. His style is both entertaining and deep.

Adele Biani, CEO, Front Foot Consulting

Testimonial #2

Meeting Jacques was one of the highlights of my trip to Iran.

Apart from being an expert speaker, trainer and consultant, Jacques is a really nice guy. Popular with the Iranian audience he presented for, Jacques provided highly valuable information relating to sales, content marketing and copywriting.

His successful sales background makes him highly qualified to train and consult any organisation in need of accelerating their business results. I am looking forward to share the stages and hours of conversation with Jacques again sometime soon.

Michael Leander, Global Speaker

Testimonial #3

Jacques has an uncanny ability to turn the expected upside down and to look at it from another perspective. He often plays the role of Devil’s advocate, inviting people to consider other aspects of a decision or idea. Jacques is extremely well-read and offers insightful ideas on a range of subjects. He is a thought-provoking and humorous presenter that knows how to connect with his audience.

Kirsten Long, Coach

Testimonial #4

I have known Jacques for over 14 years and have been privileged to attend a number of his sales talks and workshops over the years. Not only is he a highly entertaining speaker and facilitator, but every time I listen to his sales wisdom I have implemented one or more of his ideas and strategies into my sales process. I can honestly say that one of the reasons for my sustained business success is that when Jacques come up with one of his gems I do what he says.

I would highly recommend Jacques to motivate your sales people to results you could only imagine possible.

Paul du Toit, Professional Speaker and Author

Testimonial #5

Jacques, your presentation was a smashing success. The delegates responded enthusiastically to your wit, humour and valuable insights. They voted you the top speaker for the day.

Beulah van Rensburg, Media 24

Testimonial #7

Jacques has a pin-point understanding of what it takes to succeed on Internet search engines, and as a speaker he has the ability to convey these Jacques Blog “other-worldly” concepts in a concise and usable manner.

Erik Vermeulen, Professional Speaker

Testimonial #8

I found Jacques’s Internet marketing workshop very worthwhile. It will provide you with a low or no-cost option for improving your site ranking, reaching a wider range of people and optimising your cyber-onslaught. He is also a humorous and engaging presenter. Go do it! Clive Simpkins, Communications Expert and Author

Testimonioal #9

Your energetic body language was magical!

You totally lived up to the challenge to create team spirit at our conference opening by allowing us to ‘dress you up’ in our Huizemark brand muscles and Mexican bandana – you did not only inter-act with the team, but became part of us and managed to make each person feel special.

What we appreciated most was your willingness to research real estate sales to enable you to use the correct terminology and make your presentation relevant to our industry. It is months later now and many agents still refer to your session as the highlight of the conference. You certainly have made lifelong fans at Huizemark!

Adrie Barnard, Training Manager, Huizemark Franchising Group