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Expert Leadership Speakers, Executive Coaches, Strategic Business Team Building Facilitators. Activate, Amplify, Unleash, and Align... Your Staff's Fullest Potentials and Growth-Optimised Mindsets - to transform Trust & Teamworking

Get #FutureFitNow for Exponential Results.

Time to use Business, as The-Force-For-Good: People, Planet , Purpose, AND PROFITS.

Unleash, expand, and boost, your staff’s talents, passion, and purpose, to 10xponential.


We believe our potent, interactive Mind-Grow-Tainment experiences… Entertain, Educate, Motivate, Inspire, and actually transform, Mindsets and potential to deliver higher performance, and exponential impacts and results, in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Tough Times, VUCA World.

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Business Leadership Speakers and Conference Events Facilitators & MC's

Thought-provoking and Entertaining Professional Speakers Bureau in South Africa for Authors & Experts, Conference experts, Leadership Specialists, MC’s, and Interactive Mind-Grow-Tainment, beyond  motivational speakers, for conferences, workshops, and your corporate events.

Expert Team Building Facilitators and High Performance Leadership Coaches

High Performance Experts : PEOPLE & TEAM Building Facilitators: Coaches, Consultants, Team Builders, and subject matter experts, help you to boost your business results through  optimising People, Teams, Leadership. and Culture for 10xPotential.

Performances With a Human Purpose...

to unleash our fullest innate potentials.

Our inspiring business talks and conference events speakers are enablers of your people’s strengths, and amplifiers of their max potential. We help you to enable greater People Performance

Because we are leading experts and facilitators for human/ team development, High Performance Coaching, Consciousness,  Consciously Constructive learning. and SWIFT self-discovery.

Thus we activate, amplify, and align, your entire team’s potentials and performance  to go for 10Xponential results. Resilient, Responsive, Robust.



Our  Motivational Speakers and MC’s speak, inspire, motivate, educate, entertain, guide, and enlighten, audiences across the globe, on a wide variety of vital business, and leadership, subjects that impact People, Purpose,  Passion, Planet, and  Profits.

Our Conference Presenters and Inspiring Business Speakers, in Jhb Gauteng, South Africa, have a wealth, and depth, of information, experience, expertise, and energy, to deliver positive, engaging, thought-provoking, messages, that are inspiring, informative, entertaining and action-learning oriented.

Our Mind-Grow-Tainment approach to business presentations, conferences, and corporate events, is a unique blend of presenting new information, asking relevant questions, bi-directional participation, and interaction with participants, that creates more engaging, memorable & entertaining encounters.

By building #AdaptAgility you empower and enable greater people performance in these tough times.


Executive Coaches and Expert Facilitators

We are a South African  Resource for creating better results from your People, Teams, Leadership, and Culture. 

Our experts provide a wide variety of coaching, consulting, facilitation, speaking, and training, options for improving and optimising your workplace performance and engagement.


Our High-Performance Coaches, Consultants, and Facilitators, will take your People, Teams, Leadership and Organisational Culture, to the next level of positive Peak Performance.

In today’s challenging and tough VUCA times, we need tough, top performance people, and teams, to focus fiercely on achieving outstanding impacts and results.

This process may include Science of Happiness, Consciously Constructive, High-Performance Team and Trust Building. Limitless Leadership Development, Organisational Culture Change, and Mindset Mastery and optimisation.

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