Self Leadership Inspires Happiness

self leadership develops greater happiness at work - keynote talks gauteng

self leadership develops greater happiness at work

Most people are reactively unhappy. We place conditions on what needs to happen for happiness to bless our space.

We mentally limit happiness possibility with…”When (xyx) happens, then I’ll be happy.”   One Day i’ll….

This is a huge challenge with most people, Because…. We can be happier NOW -= they have never been taught how think more effectively to be able to be happier at work, home or in life generally.

For many people this is easier said than done.  But the truth is… You can start right now to be happier for the rest of your life.

Tony Dovale is a provocative and powerfully insightful Keynote speaker and MindShift Facilitator who can show you how to be begin to be happier right now.

The key to developing your happiness lies within every ones’ grasp…  Thinking  and meaning-making for most people is an automated process.. But your mind, mental state, focus and assessment process are the controllers of that elusive happiness feeling.

Powerful Mind – limited Control – Happiness is a learnable skill.

Having a mind is like having a beautiful musical instrument. There’s potential for beautiful melodies…, but the initial output in the hands of a new student is disharmonious and not very pleasant until it’s begun to be mastered.

Our challenge is to truly become MASTERS of our Thinking!

Tony’s Inspiring Happiness Workshop session and keynote talks are specifically designed to interactively give you the psychological capital, thinking and awareness tools and  techniques to help you get clear about who you are, where you’re going.

Tony’s talk and insight session will enable you to become more conscious, more resilient and happier. Tony shares latest research and discoveries  relating to the psychology of happiness at Work. This includes the latest neuro, social, and psycho research.

Participant Benefits and Impacts.

As a result of fully participating in Tony Dovale’s Inspiring Happiness Workshop session , you will learn how to:

  • Control and direct Focus & Meaning making
  • more consistently experience higher levels of happiness
  • increase your happiness ‘set point’ (or thermostat)
  • have more coping strategies for handling stress
  • Build greater resilience & Psychological Capital
  • gain clarity about your life’s purpose
  • experience and choose to flow towards ‘happily achieving’ rather than ‘achieved to be happy’
  • learn how to be the calmer, more at peace
  • relax, visualize, and meditate  to help you become more “present” and focused on the eternal ‘now’ (happiness happens in the NOW; unhappiness happens when you dwell in the past or future)
  • make the smarter choices that happy people make to live a happy life

Inspiring Happiness Content :

  • The Definition of Happiness @Work
  • Happiness Essentials
  • The Core Choices Extremely Happy People Make
  • The Happiness Formula
  • Advanced Reframing & Meaning Making Tools

1 hour breakout session / half-day Happiness workshop/ full-day Happiness Team Buildings/ “Inspiring Happiness” keynote 30-90 minutes contact Tony Dovale on 083-447-6300 to transform your teamwork, culture and staff attitudes.