Unleashing Passion and Purpose – Transforming Leadership – Inspiring REAL High Performance Teams Teamworking

Tony Dovale of Life Masters is a High Performance People development specialist. Tony has built a remarkable track record over the last 35+ years that shows his ability to help companies to develop great People, Teams, Leadership and Culture  to mobilise their people thus ensuring the success of these companies into the future and making theirs a great place to be for all stakeholders.

Tony Dovale is  recognised internationally as a leader in the fields of  self mastery, High Performance Teams and Limitless Leadership to create exponential impact cultures and contexts

Tony’s focus is on creating more CONSCIOUS Limitless Leadership… a new brand and mindset of leadership based on being more CONSCIOUS, Compassionate and committed to supporting  People, Planet AND Profits, in a meaningful way that inspires higher performance in all areas of the organisation

Tony has invested over 35+years of his life and over R20 Million investment in time and money developing his proprietary REVOLUTIONARY WORKPLACE High Performance Teams – Framework, Philosophy and system for optoimising People, Teams, Leadership and Culture  to thrive in Tough VUCA times and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

His programmes provide tools, tips and techniques on the very topical issue of boosting morale in organisations and solutions in times of change and turmoil.

They focus on strategies and tactics for keeping your organisation profitable, whilst remedying negativism, low self-esteem and little commitment to the organisation and its future.

Tony consults, facilitates, speaks and conducts workshops and courses that grow people at all levels.

Each engaging programme is grounded in solid research, extensive experience, and proven application to meet your requirements.

Services and Solutions

Motivational, Training & Coaching

Tony can do the same for you, in any of these formats:

  • Conference keynote presentations: 45-90 minutes
  • Workshops: 2-hours / half-day / full-day / multi-day
  • Retreats and breakaways: 1-3 days
  • Group or Individual Coaching
  • All above supported by resources to ensure implementation and sustainability.

All Programmes are designed to be a practical, hands-on road map to help participants quickly develop in key business areas.