Tony Dovale - CEO of Life Masters

Leadership, Coaching, Consultant, Motivation, Facilitator, Team Building, Culture Change, Exponential

| [Fee: $2000-$7000]

Expert Motivational Speakers Johannesburg, Gauteng – Transform Your Audiences with T.I.M.E. Talks

Transformational – Inspiring – Motivating & Enlightening

Tony helps People, Teams, Leadership and Cultures to embrace and leverage #AdaptAgility, the #FutureFitNow Mindsets, and create increased Employee Engagement, High Performance Teamworking… and Constant Reinvention, that delivers Exponential impacts and Results.

He’s an Inspiring Expert Business Leadership Speaker, Facilitator and Coach, with a Motivational-Inspirational style and engaging content.

GO BEyond Motivational Speakers: Tony Dovale is an Inspiring South African business speaker,  for workshops,  Keynotes and Conferences.

Based in Johannesburg, Tony goes BEyond good motivational speakers impacts…He’s entertaining, inspiring and informative.

Tony Dovale delivers cage-rattling, MindShifting, limit-challenging enlightening ,and inspiring keynotes presentations.

He shifts your audiences’ mindsets and perspectives on what they think, and believe they can achieve. He expands & activates potential.

Tony shares from a powerful base of awareness, conscious, choice, resilience and happiness-at-work, teaching people to work HARDA rather than harder…

Tony Dovale is an expert who speaks on Consciously Constructive Revolutionary, High-Performance, Workplaces,  New Leadership Principles, Resilience and Responsiveness, Peer Coaching, The Science of Happiness at Work TM, Improving teamworking and staff performance.

Tony brings leading-edge tools, insights, and strategies, to exponentially transform mindsets, meaning, performance, productivity, and boosts business results.

He expands and gives your people, teams, leadership and culture  greater performance Potential and possibility.

Core Subjects

Go BEyond Motivating or manipulating to truly transforming the heads, hearts and souls of your participants. Unless SHIFT happens for your attendees… you are missing the full power of going beyond the visible. Explore the truly enlightening, engaging and energising.

Tony has invested the majority of his life exploring and pushing the boundaries of human possibility.  He brings a new perspective on the world of work, teams, mastery and leadership.

– Keynotes Talks
– Professional Business Presenters
– Hi-Voltage Leadership Talks
– Motivational,  Inspirational & Enlightening
– Presenter Skills Training
– Conferences Team Activities
– Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators
– Icebreakers for Conferences
– Professional presentation coaches
– Professional Speakers Bureau
– REAL Team Buildings/ Trust Building
– Facilitators & Guest Conference Presenter
– Author – High Performance Mindsets – SWIFT SUCCESS
– Executive Coaching

Tony provides Keynote talks, coaching, consulting facilitation  and training in any of these formats:

  • Conference keynote presentations: 45-120 minutes
  • Workshops: 2-hours / half-day / full-day / multi-day
  • Retreats and breakaways: 1-3 days
  • Group or Individual / Executive Coaching
  • All above services can be supported by resources to ensure implementation and sustainability.

All Programmes are designed to be a practical, hands-on, road map to help participants rapidly develop in key business areas that support and boost performance.

speaker requirements
SA Clients: MTN, Loita Group, Ethix Resources (Pty) Ltd, Transnet, Capital Alliance (Pty) Ltd., Ariviakom (Pty) Ltd., Legal Aid Board, Selomako Investment Holdings. In Nigeria, they include: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Zetel Communications, Equity Assurance Group, TopBrass Aviation, Enegas Power Limited, BHS International Limited, Botro Oil & Marine Services Ltd., as well as several state governments’ agencies and parastatals.

International: Afrosoft Corporation and E-Integration Limited (Zimbabwe), The Crowne Group (Botswana), I-Tech Group of Companies (Ghana), Simba Cement Company (Tanzania), Pegma Technologies, NJ (USA),etc.

I co-create a world of MORE… More Freedom, Love, Abundance, Peace, Meaning and Joy.. By providing workshops, talks, coaching, training and information / support for those who are ready…

BEyond Motivational Speakers Fees

Everything is negotiable within reason and based on volumes 🙂

Speakers / Facilitation Fees are Calculated by Region:


Terms and Conditions apply to all BEyond Motivational Speakers / Facilitators Fees
– Please see the bottom of this page for full terms details

Tony Dovale keynote speaker (6)

Region 1: South Africa Region
Region 2: Rest of Africa -Southern Hemisphere
Region 3: Rest of Africa – Northern Hemisphere
Region 4: UK
Region 5: Central Europe
Region 6: Australia
Region 7: USA
Region 8: Rest of the world – POR

Region 1: South Africa:

Presentations, keynotes, workshops & Coaching Fees – based upon prep, content & travel

  • 45-75 Minute Keynote Presentation ZA R 29,975 to- R39,950 (Depending upon Prep Required, group size, Customisation required and Travel/location)
  • Workshop: Half Day -3,5 hours or less, excl breaks – from ZA R 19,750-R29,750
  • Workshop: Full Day – More than three hours  – from ZA R 39,950 – R75,750
  • Coaching: Business Leadership/Team Coaching from R2,850 per hour

Region 2 – Rest of Africa, Southern Hemisphere

  • 45-75 Minute Keynote Presentation from ZA R 35,000-R39,975  (Depending upon Prep Required)
  • Workshop: Half Day – 3 hours or less, excl bio breaks ZA R 29,000-R35,000
  • Workshop: Full Day – Five to seven hours ZA R 45,000 – R75,000

Region 3 – Rest of Africa, Northern Hemisphere

  • 45-75 Minute Keynote Presentation ZA R 35,000 – R 45,000
  • Workshop: Half Day – 3 hours or less, excluding breaks ZA R 35,000 –  R 39,7500
  • Workshop: Full Day – 5-7 hours ZA R 55,000 – R85,000

Region 4: UK & Ireland

  • 45-75 Minute Keynote Presentation £ 4 800- £ 5 800
  • Full Day Workshop £ 4 995- £ 6 900

Region 5: Central European

  • 45-75 Minute Keynote Presentation € 5,900
  • Full Day Workshop € 4,800 – € 7,900

Region 6: Australia & New Zealand

From 1 hour Keynote to Half-Day Workshop AU $7 595-00
Full Day Workshops & team Building AU $9 775-00

Region 7: USA & Canada

From 1 hour Keynote to Half-Day Workshop From US $9,975- $15,000
Full Day Workshop From US $17,500-00

Region 8: Rest of World – POR

BEyond Motivational Speakers & Facilitators Fee Terms:



  • BOOKING CONFIRMATIONS: BEyond Motivational speakers fees and bookings are only confirmed once full payment of agreed fee by electronic banking transfer and cleared into our speakers Motivational Bank account.
  • REIMBURSEMENTS: Prior agreed-upon reimbursements, including travel, accommodations, meals are payable on demand. This may be a considerable time before the event, for instance for the payment of airfares.
  • VAT: Fees exclude VAT (or similar taxes for Zones 2-8).
  • CANCELLATION: Cancellation terms will apply to all cancellations. Click here for cancellation terms and conditions.
  • FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES: Where applicable, foreign exchange rates will be pegged as at date of Speaker invoicing.
  • EVENT SUPPORT COSTS: There may be other fees payable in addition to the agreed speakers’ fees. These relate to possible optional additional charges for profiling instruments; assessments; workbooks, participant materials / resources and on-line courses or subscriptions. All exclusions will be expressly detailed and agreed before the speakers / Presenters booking is confirmed.
  • RELATIONSHIPS & Taxes : Tony Dovale trades as an “independent contractor”, and no employer / employee relationship exists between him and any clients. (as defined by the Fourth Schedule of the SA Income Tax Act).


All of the terms in the section marked ‘APPLICABLE TO ALL ZONES, INCLUDING SOUTH AFRICA’ apply. In addition, the following agreements and terms apply:

  • TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION: Beyond Motivational Speakers Fees exclude travel (Business class airfare, Class ‘O’ vehicle rental or private transport reimbursement @ R9-80 / km for trips more than 60 minutes from Fourways Sandton).
  • OVERNIGHTING SURCHARGE: Our fees assume that no stay-over is necessary. It is advisable to schedule Tony Dovale’s Presentation appearance to allow for departure from, and return to Johannesburg/Or Tambo/Lanseria Airport on the same day. Where programme schedule necessitates for speakers to overnight away from Johannesburg, accommodation and meals will be for clients’ account. In addition, add 35% of fee for every night of required sleep-over.
  • THIRD PARTY BOOKINGS & COMMISSIONS: Third party bookings for keynotes and BEyond Motivational Speakers presentations, in-house presentations, coaching, and workshops, break-away sessions, retreats, facilitated sessions, team building and the like.

Fees listed above exclude all levies, commissions, and handling charges payable to event planners; speakers agents, speaker’s bureaus or any other booking third party. In the event that you book Tony via a third party, you are likely to incur an additional commission expense over and above the fees listed above. We suggest you discuss any additional costs direct with the third party placing the booking.

Tony Dovale places a Fair Trade limit on the amount of commission that a third party may levy on his fees; The Fair Trade limit is between 5% and 25% on the basic fee, with 10-15% being the norm. No commission is payable on additional costs or reimbursements. Regardless of the commission rate, Tony Dovale will only confirm third party bookings upon receipt of a copy of the written communication from the third party to the client, wherein full disclosure is made to the client regarding all fee and commission calculations, and payment proof

3rd PARTY COMMISSIONS ENSURANCE: Tony Dovale will not accept direct bookings from a client where the client was referred to him on the instance of a third party, and where the client subsequently attempts to evade payment of the due third party commissions by booking directly with Tony Dovale as opposed to confirming and concluding the speakers booking via such third party.

BELATED 3rd PARTY COMMISSIONS: Where Tony Dovale accepts a booking directly from a client without the knowledge that the contract was initiated by a referring third party, and where it later becomes apparent that a booking was as a result of a referral by a third party, then Tony Dovale will notify the referring third party in writing. The referring third party will shall be entitled to bill the client directly for a minimum 10% referral commission on Tony Dovale basic Speakers fee.

3rd PARTY COMMISSIONS ON FUTURE BOOKINGS: Where Tony Dovale is booked for any subsequent events as a consequence of his appearance at an event where he was booked as a result of a third party introduction, commissions shall also be claimable by the third party on all future bookings, to be paid by the client in addition to Tony Dovale’s speakers fee. Where such future bookings are handled by the third party, the commission rate is to be agreed upon between the client and the 3rd party. Where such future bookings are handled directly by Tony Dovale, commissions will be calculated at a flat rate of 10% on all fees, to be paid by the client in addition to Tony Dovale’s Business Beyond Motvational Speakers fee.



1: SOUTH AFRICA All of the terms in the section marked ‘APPLICABLE TO ALL REGIONS, INCLUDING SOUTH AFRICA’ apply. In addition, the following agreements apply:

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION: All travel and travel-related costs, like visas; business class airfare; first class train travel; car rental; ground transfers, shipping of materials and excess baggage for equipment ar excluded from the speakers fee. Fees also exclude accommodation (at least 4-star ) and per diem allowance. All of this will however be quantified and agreed upon before your business speaker booking is confirmed.

RELATIONSHIP, TAXES & LEVIES: Contractual relationship relating to enterprises outside of South Africa: Tony dovale is a South African based sole proprietor. Fees exclude any and all taxes and/or levies that may be due in any country outside of South Africa – regardless of whether the client is obliged to deduct any withholding taxes / levies or whether Tony Dovale will himself be obliged to make such payment. Where any client makes any deductions from Tony Dovale Speakers fees, bookings will only be confirmed upon (1) payment of the balance of the fee, and (2) having issued Tony Dovale with the relevant official tax certificate confirming both the deduction, and the subsequent payment of the monies to the relevant body.

Please contact us to clarify or explore win win opportunites … Expert Motivational Speakers Fees Gauteng South Africa – 083-447-6300

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Tony is the MOST thought provoking speaker I have ever met.
Clive Stacey – Strategy Guru

Testimonial #2

as a professional conference organiser – I find Tony to be one of the most inspiring speakers, I have experienced.